Hope to Hear from You
“Hope to Hear from You”, edited by Kasper Andreasen, is an artists’ publication where the contributors made text-based drawings inspired by a collection of misleading emails. Using the specific qualities of waterless offset, these texts were etched directly into the printing plates that were used to produce the book. The pages show how the gesture writing is closely related to authorship, and that this position is an act of mimicry.
With contributions by: Geela Eden, Johannes Markus Frerichs, Martha Gloyer, Ada Grull, Alice Kuczminski, Alexander Kurzhöfer, Marc André Offenhammer, Gönül Salgin, Hagen Verleger, Marina Veselova.

40 Pages
Published by Kasper Andreasen, Raum der Publikation
Printed by Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design
Language: En